Monday, July 30, 2012

Big girl things

Blogging consistently when you have a toddler is hard...I have been meaning to make a new post for several days now, but it just hasn't worked! But, my sweet friend Steph has a disclaimer on her blog that she blogs without obligation, so I think I like that plan--no promises of consistent or timely posts.

To catch up...I posted last time about  car shopping, and...I did it! I bought a car. It was a complicated process of crunching numbers and researching and practicing our marriage communication skills, but I think in the end we got a really good deal and I'm very pleased with my new car. It is a black Scion XB:
Admittedly, I think it's a pretty goofy-looking car. I always hated these boxy cars, and when it became our best option, I was a little whiny and dumb about it at first. I had my heart set on a Ford Escape, and since this is my first car purchase since I was 16, honestly, looks were kind of a big factor to me. As I test drove it, heard the gas mileage, saw the awesome DVD players on the back of the headrests, etc...the pros stacked up a lot higher than the cons. Con...only one con. So, the fact that it was funny looking was not enough to ruin the deal. It is much newer and lower-mileage than anything else I had found, and after dealing with a pretty slimy, smarmy car salesman when looking at another dealership, I knew we wanted to go this route. We signed a million papers and took the plunge, and I am loving it so far! Now it just has to get me about six years until I am 30 and feel maybe old enough to handle a minivan :)

We celebrated our anniversary on the 26th--four years! I had great plans to write a post about our story...from 10 years ago when we first met and all the rocky drama that led us to here. Nathan wasn't too stoked about it, I think, and I just never had the time. So, I will keep that on my list of posts to come one day. We didn't really do anything big this year...but we're hoping to get a vacation or at least a night away together before the deployment happens.

In the world of Adelyn, not so much is going on I broken bones this week or last, so that's always a plus. She took her first tumbling class today, and it was so fun! She usually is VERY slow to warm up to new people, but she surprised me and went to the teacher very willingly a few times, and had fun trying out the trampoline, bars, balance beam, and all the fun things to climb on and over. I think it will be nice to get her to socialize and get used to her teacher, and after the new baby comes, to have something that is just about her.
She has learned to say "go go go" and "mooo" and a few other new words lately, and is making me laugh by shaking or nodding her head to answer "yes" and "no" when we ask her seems so grown up! She can also climb onto the couch now (sometimes) and is pretty proud of herself for that accomplishment. It's tough to be a short kid, so being able to get to new heights is a big deal to her!

Pregnancy-wise, things are okay...I got put on "moderate rest" last week. Note that it does not say BED rest, because as my doctor noted, staying in bed 24/7 is not the point. I am, however, supposed to be taking it easy and avoiding lifting, walking, exercising...etc. I'm not doing a great job sticking to it so far, but I'm trying. Because I'm having a lot of cramping and low back pain, the doctor I saw last week wants to keep a closer eye on me, so I have another appointment this week, and as we get to the big milestone of 24 weeks, we'll see about more monitoring or interventions if needed.
Baby girl seems to be doing well--hiccuping a lot and kicking and punching like a ninja. She always responds to Nathan's voice when he lays his head against my belly and talks to her, and I think it's really sweet to see. I currently have him agreeing to the name that I want, but he's being a little squirrelly and I'm still not totally sure he won't change his mind later. I'd like to be able to call her by name soon, so hopefully we'll reach a solid decision in the near future.

On a closing note, I think I have given up on my crunchy living experiment with making my own shampoo. The baking soda thing was working well for a couple of weeks, and then suddenly stopped making my hair feel clean, soft, smooth...etc. I then found a new recipe that used Castille soap and coconut milk, and that was even worse (although it smelled nicer by far), and my hair got super tangly, course, and sticky feeling. So, yesterday I bought a bottle of Herbal Essences newest product. I'm a little disappointed with myself, but it sure did feel nice to have clean, soft hair again today!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Halfway there!

How far along?  20 weeks!!
Total weight gain: 8lbs still
Maternity clothes? definitely
Stretch marks? nope, but my linea negra is getting more prominent
Sleep:  I need some today
Best moment this week: Making it to 20 weeks! Halfway done...shew.

Miss Anything? motivation
Movement: tons...this girl is a ninja.
Food cravings: nothing at the moment...
Anything making you queasy or sick: woke up queasy this morning again, but it's gone now, thankfully.
Gender: girl

Labor Signs: trying not to have those
Symptoms: fatigue, cramps and backache...growing pains.
Belly Button in or out? in, but Nathan said he thinks it's starting to move!
Wedding rings on or off? on! but I keep forgetting them!

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy
Looking forward to: 24 weeks--it's getting closer!

Currently sitting and warming my 17p shot...this one makes #5 which means 1/4 of the way done. I am dreading it. The burning pain that happens afterwards and lasts all day has been excruciating, and doesn't seem to be the experience of any other women I've asked about these shots, so why it is happening to me...I don't know. It sucks though, and I'm considering going next week to have one of my OB's nurses do it if this one burns too, because I feel like I have to be doing something wrong.

Woke up feeling really crampy and with a backache this morning, so I'm trying to get this shot done and sit back and drink drink drink. Adelyn and I are watching cartoons and counting down the hours until Nathan is home to provide backup and enjoy the weekend with us. No big plans other than celebrating our July birthdays with his family on Sunday...and maybe more car shopping? It's getting less fun now that it's not happening as easily as I thought. Hopefully the right one will come along soon enough.

Phew, okay, shot is in. 5 down, 15 to go!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Curious George

How far along? 19 weeks
Total weight gain: 8lbs! That is crazy to me since I had SUCH a hard time gaining with Adelyn and only made it to 10 total...this time it's happening steadily and right on track, yay!
Maternity clothes? yep, definitely needing those maternity pants/shorts full time now
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep:  so very sleepy--I think that's a side effect of the progesterone
Best moment this week: seeing my new baby girl on the screen and hearing that she looks perfectly healthy so far!

Miss Anything? my energy seems to be missing...
Movement: feeling big rolls now--hopefully that means she doesn't intend to be breech all the time
Food cravings: orzo salad--and my sister is making me some this weekend for my birthday!
Anything making you queasy or sick: not much!
Gender: 100% girl!

Labor Signs: nothing anyone wants to read about...yuck
Symptoms: heartburn! this girl better have some hair...
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? on, when I don't forget to put them on because of silly pregnancy brain

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy
Looking forward to: 24 weeks--the first milestone in the life of a preemie mom because it means viability!

I'm in love with this girl already!

Adelyn got her cast off this week, and is happily back in action with both arms to get into everything. She's also driving me crazy and refusing to nap this morning...gRRRRRR. She just threw my favorite chapstick in the trash, while I was telling her "no!" very firmly. Sigh.
I think maybe she's ready to drop the morning nap, but she can't quite make it all the way to the afternoon yet, so late mornings are kind of a mess while we battle over to nap or not to nap. It would be easier if I wasn't tired and wanting MY naptime too.

The good news is, the weekend is here again, and Nathan will be home in about six hours, so I can survive a little more madness knowing that. I'm hoping to spend our weekend car shopping for my new big girl car (did I mention I'm 24 now? So grown up...) and then celebrating both of our birthdays with my family on Sunday. And maybe a nap for me...

Friday, July 6, 2012


How far along? 18 Weeks! That sounds exciting to me for some reason.
Total weight gain: 4-5lbs...I'll know Thursday after my OB appointment
Maternity clothes? sometimes!
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep:  I like it.
Best moment this week: Realizing I am having more time not feeling queasy than I am feeling it.

Miss Anything? nah
Movement: yep, she seems like a strong and active little girl
Food cravings: finally got the grilled chicken sandwich I had been wanting...we'll see what's next
Anything making you queasy or sick: still just smells, but less things than before!
Gender: still thinking girl unless we find out otherwise at our next big ultrasound

Labor Signs: a lot of contractions on a couple of days, but they seem to go away as long as I drink and rest
Symptoms: growing pains!
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy?
Looking forward to: the ultrasound on the 11th--so close!

Not much new to report...still in the midst of a crazy heat-wave of 100+ degree days and humidity that makes it hard to breathe. We stay inside a lot...except yesterday when Addy and I got to go to the beach! We rode with my aunt, uncle, and grandma to visit my parents and siblings who have been there all week. Adelyn did fantastic on the drive, loved the beach, and came home and went straight to bed. I got a little too much sun on my back (totally forgot to put sunscreen there?!), but had a great time. 

It's my "birthday week" and I got an iPhone4 as a present from myself/Nathan. I really like it, but am feeling like a grandma trying to figure out all the cool features. Waiting for my Otterbox to get here so that I don't break the thing--it's so fragile! Hoping to keep Adelyn distracted by giving her my old phone for at least a little while, but I think she's already interested. No big plans for my birthday--probably getting together with my family on Sunday like we usually do, and then we'll celebrate mine and Nathan's together with his family in a couple of weekends. July is a busy birthday month in his family, and in our little family, plus we get our anniversary at the end of it!

This weekend we plan to stay home and do nothing. I hope to get some cleaning done, but otherwise we are going to stay cool and relaxed and save our money, and enjoy time together. Next week is another busy one.

Oh, hair. I did run out of both the baking soda mixture and vinegar mixture yesterday, so I used shampoo for the first time in about 10 days...can't say it did anything remarkable that I had missed, other than smell nice. Made more of my mixtures today and am back on the wagon. I think my hair is doing major improvements or detriments, so I guess I'll keep going and see where it takes me. If nothing else, it's cheaper than buying shampoo...