Friday, December 7, 2012


How far along?  40 weeks!!!
Total weight gain: 37 lbs--6 in the last week! It's all in my feet right now though, guess that's the fun of the 9th month that I missed out on before.
Maternity clothes? are about to be put away for a while...I am so excited to get back to my favorite jeans, in a few weeks/months.
Stretch marks? no! I made it to the very end. 
Sleep:  I may have seen the last of that for a while...and I'm excited to spend long nights with my sweet girl!
Best moment this week: the anticipation building--the encouragement and prayers over these past few days, and finally waking up today knowing it has finally come!

Miss Anything? being comfortable. It'll take a few days to start healing and feel really great, but I'm so excited to get rid of heartburn, and for my pelvis to start to get back in place, and all of those little things.
Movement: she's still wiggling a little--probably as ready to get out of this position she's stuck in as I am ready to have her out of it.
Food cravings: everything right now--haven't been allowed to eat after midnight, and I'm hungry!
Anything making you queasy or sick: nerves!
Gender: we'll see for sure in a few hours :)

Labor Signs: my body is trying hard to go into labor, but it just can't quite do it with this girl in her position. Either way, she's getting out in four hours.
Symptoms: All of them.

Belly Button in or out?  it has continued to amaze me that it STILL had farther out to go this's ridiculous, and I like it.

Wedding rings on or off? 
I can't wait to put them back on when the swelling goes away!
Happy or Moody most of the time: this morning I am excited, and antsy, and a ball of emotions and anticipation. All good things.

Looking forward to:  Getting this girl in my arms!

I've been up for hours already--so excited and ready to get the day started. I can't believe it's finally here! I never thought I could be pregnant for 40 entire weeks, and I am amazed by every bit of it. It hasn't been easy, but it has been worth every pain along the way to get to this part. What a miracle that God uses our lowly, broken vessels to bring beautiful new life into the world. 

I gave myself the pedicure I've been wanting this morning, and while it was a bit of a struggle to reach my toes, and my eyes were a little blurry (it was 4:30am...), I managed to get them painted pink and it gave me a lot of satisfaction, somehow. Took a long, hot shower and got a few more little things done around the house. Strange to think I'll be away from here for the next 3-4 days, and come back with two babies. A baby and a big girl. Both of my girls.

Now, I'm done. I'm ready. I'm just waiting for another half hour to go by and my mom to come pick me up, and we will head to the hospital to get the ball rolling! I think she'll be here by lunchtime if all goes on schedule, and then once she's been introduced to her daddy via Skype, I'll be ready to introduce her to the world. It's going to be an exhausting weekend, probably with more visitors than I can handle and more pain than I am remembering, but it's going to be beautiful.

Stay tuned...

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